Elendur Magazine Issue 7

Elendur Magazine Issue 7

I'm honored to have been featured in the 7th issue of Erlendur Magazine alongside a cast of brilliant creatives. 

"My name is Maxine Willocks. I lived in Fort Mac when the wildfire engulfed the community. Over 88,000 residents were forced to evacuate their homes. My restaurant Chez Max, was the first dining facility opened during the fire locals labelled ‘the beast.’ I supplied meals for first responders, essential services, and The Red Cross solo." - Excerpt

Ungenita Prevost

Guillaume Demerilia

Paula Gould

Martyna Daniel

Dr. Madlena Kantscheff

Bertha Wensah

Bianca Hallveig

Giella Custom Cosmetics

Yaa Kankam

Taiwo Paul Meghoma


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