Online Holistic Self Care Course: Transform Your Life Through Yoga, Nature, and Wholesome Cooking

Welcome to the Online Holistic Self Care Course, a transformative experience designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul. As a seasoned chef turned yoga teacher and self-care advocate, I'm excited to guide you through this empowering journey of self-discovery, well-being, and holistic growth.
Balancing Virtual Learning with Real-life Connection This comprehensive course is structured around the key elements of yoga, nature immersion, and wholesome cooking. You have the flexibility to choose between a fully online experience or add in-person components for an enhanced journey.
Course Outline:
Module 1: Foundations of Holistic Self Care (Week 1)
  • Introduction to holistic self-care and its importance
  • Understanding the mind-body-soul connection
  • Exploring the benefits of magnesium for relaxation and wellness
  • Guided mindfulness practice
  • Daily Habit 1: Morning Mindfulness Routine
Module 2: Yoga for Self Care (Week 2)
  • Gentle yoga poses to release tension and promote flexibility 
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and stress reduction 
  • Guided meditation for mental clarity
  • Daily Habit 2: Evening Yoga Flow
Module 3: Embracing Nature Virtually (Week 3)
  • Harnessing the virtual power of nature for mental well-being - Connecting with nature through guided virtual experiences
  • Integrating nature into daily routines
  • Daily Habit 3: Virtual Nature Breaks
Module 4: Wholesome Cooking from Home (Week 4)
  • Understanding the benefits of natural ingredients for health
  • Learning simple and delicious cooking techniques
  • Creating nourishing meals at home
  • Daily Habit 4: Mindful Eating Practice
Module 5: Advancing Your Self Care Practice (Week 5)
  • Intermediate yoga flows for strength and balance
  • Deepening meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Elevating your self-care routine
  • Daily Habit 5: Gratitude Journaling
Module 6: In-Person Yoga and Nature (Optional Add-On)
  • Guided in-person yoga sessions at your home (additional cost)
  • Nature walks in your local area (additional cost)
  • Strengthening the mind-body-soul connection
  • Daily Habit 6: Outdoor Mindfulness
Module 7: Mastering Wholesome Cooking (Optional Add-On)
  • In-home cooking classes (additional cost)
  • Exploring advanced cooking techniques with natural ingredients
  • Crafting personalized meal plans for ongoing well-being
  • Daily Habit 7: Hydration Practice
Module 8: Integrating and Sustaining Self Care (Week 6)
  • Reflecting on your journey and growth
  • Creating a sustainable self-care plan
  • Group discussion on long-term well-being
  • Daily Habit Integration: Your Holistic Routine
Bonus Module: 7 Daily Habits That Will Shift Your Life
  • Dive deep into each daily habit introduced throughout the course
  • Discover the science behind habit formation and its impact
  • Practical tips for incorporating these habits into your lifestyle
  • Live Q&A session to address any questions
Invest in Your Transformation
  1. Online Course Only: $249
  2. Online Course + In-Person Yoga Sessions: $399
  3. Online Course + In-Person Yoga + Cooking Classes: $599
Your Radiant Holistic Well-being Congratulations on embarking on this transformative journey! Whether you choose the fully online experience or opt for in-person yoga, nature walks, and cooking classes, you're investing in your holistic well-being. By integrating yoga, nature, and nourishing food, you're embracing a life of balance, vitality, and mindfulness. Join me in this course to nurture your mind, body, and soul, and discover the power of holistic self-care.
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Hope to see you in class! Namaste!

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