Omax Magnesium butter for better sleep

We have been using Omax Magnesium Butter for over three years now! Time flies!
I love the smell of it and it helps us unwind in the evening from a stressful day of work or intense workout.
We massage it into our skin (feet or back) and we noticed better sleep, less sore muscles and overall more relaxed body!
I love everything about Omax Magnesium Butter and Maxine’s courage to create this unique wellness product and support people in their wellness journey! ❤️


Added to my sleep prep routine...

Just a light application on the feet right before bed, and I'm sleeping like a baby!


Excellent Soothing Butter Cream

I opened your package 📦 and found a lovely little bottle and card. First impressions: beautiful bottle... love the color of the glass; and the label has a very pretty design and, moreover, the words on the label are wonderfully chosen. Next... I opened the jar (sorry not “bottle”. And out came a wonderful “luxury spa” scent; which automatically put my mind into wind down mode. I took some of the contents of the jar and used it on my hands first... just to check the consistency and absorbency abilities. The consistency is smooth, yet dense enough to penetrate ones skin. The absorbency is amazing. I continued to use the “butter” on my feet. It felt good on my skin... the smell is very pleasant. Last night, before going to bed, after showering, I used the “butter” again... this time applying ... pretty much ... all over my body. This morning, my skin feels smooth and nourished. I slept well. Overall, I think this is a great product and will enjoy using it.


Can actually feel a difference.

I'm not a big believer in alot of products. But I have to say OMax has been helping me get through my workouts when my neck pain flares up. I put it on before and after and it truly does bring me some relief. Also nice for soar muscle pain.


Keeps me Active!

OMax was a game changer for me! I practice Kundalini yoga and whenever I’m experiencing any stiffness I rub a small amount of this miracle cream into the area and experience relief within about 15 minutes time. I usually use it on my knees, shoulder/neck area, and my elbows. I always have a jar on hand and make sure never to run out. I highly recommend this product!


Healing In This Product

This was my 2nd time purchasing Omax Magnesium Butter. I use it at nights and sometimes during the day before going to sleep, depending on my day to day schedule. I apply to my shoulder, neck and on the bottom of both feet which helps generate a restful sleep. It also helps with stress pains that I mostly feel in my shoulder blade and side of my neck. This product works magic and I will continue to use. I recommend anyone who deals with everyday stress and pain and also wants a better night’s sleep to try Omax Magnesium Butter. You WON’T regret it!


Excellent Product

I ordered this item and would 💯 recommend this to other.. I use the cream at night on the bottom of my feet and both of my shoulders..This product Helps me to fall asleep faster and have a restful sleep.. This product really work. Highly recommended..

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