Motivation and Grit

Motivation and Grit

Maxine here with some words of from the heart to help you start your day right. This clip is from an independent TEDx event hosted in Fort McMurray in March 2019. I encourage you to start acting on a dream today! No mountain can block the sun and every peak is within reach. 

I have created a lifestyle to overcome adversity and I am sharing it with the masses. As a health and wellness professional, I carry extensive experience in food nutrition, yoga, fitness and trekking. Get in touch with me if you're considering the services of a life coach or would to reach out for networking and conversation.

Or maybe you're curious about my passion project Omax3m. It is a magnesium body butter created to inspire natural self care. What is Magnesium? Magnesium is a mineral needed for regulation of the body. Functions include: blood sugar levels, blood pressure, muscle and nerve function, inflammation prevention - as well as making protein for the development of strong bones.

Omax3m magnesium body butter is a natural and vegan skincare product. Want to know more on how magnesium based products can enhance your wellbeing? Leave a comment down below or drop me a line at Look forward to hearing from you!


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